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How to Apply...

  Step 1).  Fill out the, "Online Registration Form."

  Step 2)Creative Guitar Studio will contact you within 3-5 days (or less) with
                  available appointment times for booking an initial application lesson.

  Step 3).  At the application lesson, you will receive handout material relevant
                  to improving your current playing ability. A regular class time that
                  will fit with your personal schedule will be decided. The enrolment
                  process will continue with booking your New Student 4-Week Program.

Students can decide upon; Professional Enrolment, Full-time Enrolment, or Part-time...

  Professional 3-Month Intensive Guitar Program:  Weekday Afternoon Classes.
The Intensive Guitar Program begins in September each year.
  This program is for intermediate to advanced players with a desire to
  move their playing and performing onto the next level.

  Full-Time Enrolment:  Regular Guitar & Bass weekly lesson appointments.
After the New Student 4-week program, Full-Time students are expected
  to enroll for the remainder of the year. Payment can be made by post-dated
  cheques, pre-authorized Visa, or cash, (cash payments must be exact change).

  Part-Time Enrolment:  Bi-weekly Guitar & Bass lesson appointments.
After the New Student 4-week program, students can book their classes bi-weekly.
  If classes must be booked around a work or school schedule that changes, then arrangements
  can be made for pre-booked appointments which follow the availability of the student.

  For further application information including tuition and studio policies view our enrolment policies page.

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