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Electric Bass Guitar Program:

The Bass Guitar Program at Creative Guitar can provide an efficient way for the student to
get the knowledge and experience needed to become versatile and confident on the instrument.
Each student in the bass program will experience a dramatic improvement in their ability to hear an idea
and then play it with minimum effort and solid technique.

Bass Guitar Program Course Description...

Accelerated Learning Techniques:
Builds effective learning and recall skills. Students will learn to make the most efficient
use of practice and study hours.

Music Reading:
Music Reading course will take players with various levels of bass clef reading ability and develop a
more professional level of skill. Students will learn to comprehend and read rhythmic phrases at sight.

Playing Techniques:
Technical studies for the understanding of bass fingerboard geometry and control of melodic
scale patterns, arpeggio shapes and interval skips. Focus will also be placed on developing
various picking, fingerstyle, and slap bass techniques.

Harmony & Theory:
Builds an understanding of notation, intervals, scale and chord construction and basic harmony.
A solid foundation will be provided for all students regardless of entrance level.

Studies for developing a professional melodic concept in improvisation will be covered. Everything
from rapid chord and key centre changes, relationship of scales to chord and rhythmic phrasing and patterns.

Contemporary and Traditional Bass Styles:
Develop specialized styles or grooves and the ability to create bass parts to whatever style of
music you want to play.

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