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Berklee Shares  A free music lessons site provided by Berklee College faculty and allumni.

Guitar Notes  A very comprehensive site with loads of info. about guitar!

Gtrdan.com  A great site organized to help the intro. guitar player!

Guitar Lesson World  A guitar lessons site covering loads & loads of information!

Power Tabs  Another fantastic guitar tab site on the net.

Active Guitar  Definately one of the better organized Tab sites on the net!

Vancouver Jazz   Everything you ever wanted to know about the Vancouver Jazz scene.

Girls Guitar Club  The "Girls Guitar Club," with Links, Helpful Hints, and Inspiration!

MxTabs  Finally a guitar tab site with user rated printable tab sheets. A+ Site!

Clever Joe's  An Amazing Canadian Musicians Resource Web-Site!

Barry G. Player  Barry G. Players web-site is extremely well done with loads of information.

Gigmasters  Very cool site! Plug in where you live and find a band for your event

Classic Jazz Guitar Full of players, articles, albums & resources. An excellent site!

Guitars Canada Links, Discussion Groups, Articles and much more.  Excellent Site!

All Music Guide  Fantastic resource for finding information about any well-known musician.

Tim Berens Great guitar interviews, essays, music, and ideas.

World Guitar  An excellent guitar site! Includes; Jam Tracks, Lessons & MP3's.

Vision Music  A must see for all guitarists! An absolutely astounding guitar web-site!

Guitar Fox  This is a "Quick Access," page to a ton of guitar related web-sites.

Jackson Guitars  This is the "Jackson / Charvel" Guitars web-site! A must see.

Favored Nations  "THE" Guitarists Record Label. Recordings of the highest caliber!

Greg Lowe  Greg Lowe has established an excellent web-site online. Take a look!

Kick in the Head.com  Musicians and bands from around Canada. A Must Visit!

Winnipeg Bands.com  This is a great Winnipeg site devoted to various Winnipeg Bands.

Rockmagic   Rockmagic is a HUGE site with tabs, software and a great lyrics seach feature!

Guitarchives   Randy Bachman's Record Label of the all time Guitar Greats & Ledgends!

Guitar Hobby  Excellnt site for any guitar hobbist. Links, News, Lessons & More.

Lefty Guitar  Left Handed Guitar Players Unite! Amazing site for all the lefties out there.

No Quarter's Guitar Shop  The Guitar Shop includes pics of famous players instruments plus guitar links.

Band123.com   Devoted to students and teachers of all musical instruments.

The Bass Player's Garage  Great site for the bass player! Links, News, and Lessons.

The Royal Conservatory of Music One of Canada's most significant institutions!

Marilyn Lerner  Marilyn is a former Winnipeg Jazz Pianist, now in Toronto. Drop by her web-site!

Tony DesMarteau  Tony is an accomplished Winnipeg Jazz guitarist. His site is packed with info.

The West End Cultural Center  Winnipeg's Music & Arts Venue of the West-End.

ascap.com  American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

Woodenpicks.com  What an ingenious idea! Making perfectly fabricated picks out of exotic woods!

Line 6   The Latest in Digital Modeling Products.

TonyMacAlpine.com   One of the most amazing guitar players, (not to mention pianists), you'll EVER hear!

Musicians & Injuries  This is an excellent resouce site for any musician who is experiencing tension or fatigue.

Bytes4u.Manitoba   This site contains tons of information for the Manitoba Musician & Our Music Scene!

Guitar9 Records  Guitar Nine is a website devoted to instrumental guitar music. Very Awesome!

HHGI Guitar Instructional material and Lessons, On-Line Lessons, Photo Galleries LINKS & More!

Brian Hughes   Brian is an awesome Jazz Guitarist who also plays with Loreena McKennitt

Dansm's Guitar Home Page    Dansm's page is a great acoustic site w/lessons, links, and lot's on the Eagles!

Charanga.com   This software for guitar instruction is available for $44.95 U.S. Looks very cool!

Tabl Edit    This software is for creating Tab & Notation. Get your FREE Demo.

Plane Talk  One of the more interesting approaches to learning guitar around!

Easy Jam'n  Use the Easy Jam'n method for instruction. $19.95 for the software package.

Explorer Music Group  Interactive guitar lessons, Real Video, 16 Bit Audio. Secure ordering.

Guitar dot Net   One of THE BEST guitar sites on the net.

Tab Crawler  Tab Crawler is AWESOME! Tons of Tab! Check out their features section for lessons.

The Chord House  Chords for both Guitar & Piano! Very comprehensive. Very well done site!

The On-Line Guitar College  Top 5 Guitar Sites, (updated weekly), Lessons, Tab, links and more.

www.GuitarSam   On-Line Catalog! Music Links, Music Teachers section + More!

Gig Finder.com  Gig Finder is awesome. Tons of information. very Nice Layout! Free classifieds, Chat Room...

Guitar Man's Acoustic Guitar Page  Over 50 useful tips, Real Audio, Wave Files, Player Links!

Guitar Tips, Tricks & Lessons  Licks in several styles, LINKS, Members section!

Guitar.com   WOW! Holy Cow!!! This is something else. Too much here to even begin talking about JUST GO!

Bob's Guitar Playing Tips  Maintenance, Playing Tips, Tuning, Links. Simple but effective site!

Music Global Network  Music Global Network.com is a HUGE MP3, music and overall Styles page. Very BIG!

Virtualoso Guitar   FREE Download of a new software program for guitar instruction. Nice Site. Links, History, Product Info.

Ashburn Guitar Instruction  A overview of products from the site originator. Videos, Articles, Private Instruction.

Jeff's Neo-Classical Metal Page  Shred Site, choose from 16 licks, 6 songs to hear, cruise the SHRED WEB-RING!

Benson Benovoy's Guitar Site  This site is from a private instructor in Vancouver B.C. Canada.

Guitar Power   This site is quite simple and basic but offers alot of good info. for a guitar enthusiast.

Artist Direct   WOW! The Artist Direct Network is awesome! Check this site out A.S.A.P. if you've never been.

Winks Guitar World  Slow laoding, heavy graphics, a private individuals site devoted to the guitar.